AUKEY CP-R2 Laptop Cooling Pad Review

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Today we’re doing an AUKEY CP-R2 Laptop Cooling Pad review. This is the larger of two laptop cooling pads offered by AUKEY, suitable for laptops up to 17 inches. It draws it’s power from the laptop it’s plugged into, and comes with a male-male USB cable to facilitate this. Conveniently, the CP-R2 includes two USB ports on its side, so that the net result is that no ports are lost through using the device.

Cooling is one of the areas where modern laptops really lack, and overheating is a real issue that significantly impacts their lifespan. The AUKEY CP-R2 Laptop Cooling Pad aims to rectify this issue and claims to provide fan speeds of up to 1320 RPM, all whilst remaining quiet.

Before we have a look at how the unit performs, let’s investigate the design and build quality.


When I took this laptop cooler out of the box, I was immediately impressed. AUKEY have pulled off a sleek, aggressive looking design, and they’ve done it well. This cooling pad is quite clearly aimed at gamers through its design, and this fact becomes even more prevalent once the laptop cooler is switched on. One of the most obvious design features of this unit are the blue LED fan lights, which vary their intensity as the fan RPM is adjusted. If you’ve got a blue laptop or blue lighting then this cooler will compliment your machine well. My only complaint here would be the fact that you can’t adjust the colour of the lighting, and you can’t turn it off either.

The majority of the cooler is built from a sturdy feeling, formed and imprinted plastic. This plastic is offset by a metal mesh that covers the front side of the fans, and presumably also helps pull heat away from the machine. The cooler has rubber feet to stop it from moving around on the surface it’s placed on, and the device also comes with a couple of sponges to cushion your laptop when it’s in place.


More important than the design, with a product like this, is the functionality. In all honesty, when I turned this thing on I was expecting roaring fans that produced pathetic airflow. Luckily for AUKEY, I was completely wrong. Even when spinning at a target speed of 1200 RPM, the fans were practically silent. The fans on my MacBook Pro, inside their housing, were louder than the four, relatively exposed fans of the AUKEY CP-R2. What’s more, putting your hand behind the stand, you can really feel the air flowing nicely. It did this with much more force than I imagined.

However, the CP-R2 Laptop Cooling Pad does more than just cool. It can hold the laptop in place at one of five angles, up to about 50 degrees from flat. The shallower angles put the keyboard in a much more ergonomic position, making typing a lot easier, mimicking the staggered angles offered by most traditional keyboards. This is a really nice feature which makes the device a lot more appealing than a simple cooling pad.


I’ve tried and tested a few cooling pads and stands, and the AUKEY CP-R2 cooler is certainly ahead of the others. The fans are extremely efficient, yet also incredibly quiet. The unit looks cool and the ability to adjust how much power it draws is a definite plus.

To put it simply, if you’ve got a laptop, you’d really benefit from having a cooling stand. The AUKEY CP-R2 Laptop Cooling Pad is a good a bet as any.

You can find this product on Amazon here.

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