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Today I’m taking a look at the 1.8 metre long iSPECLE Nylon Braided Lightning Cable for iDevices. This is an Apple approved, MFi certified charging cable, which means that it performs much the same as Apple’s own cable does, and won’t throw those annoying error messages, or worse, break your phone.

This 1.8m cable comes with a year long warranty, and first impressions are good. Let’s check out how it does in our testing and evaluation.


Right off the bat, I can tell you that this is the nicest designed phone charging cable I’ve ever seen. It looks and feels incredibly premium. Holding the cable, it feels much like a rope. There’s no stretching or give whatsoever, just a satisfying ‘thud’ when you pull the cable taut.

The cable itself comes in a variety of colours. The unit I tested was in a lovely woven, two-tone black and grey colour scheme. This complemented my Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus brilliantly, and looks great sat plugged into my phone on my desk.

The lightning connector on the iSPECLE Nylon Braided Lightning Cable is extremely narrow, with the whole assembly being only a millimeter wider than the actual lightning connector itself. In comparison to some other cables on the market, such as the Syncwire cable, the connector is absolutely tiny.

On both ends of the cable, iSPECLE have used an ‘upgraded screw design’. It’s quite obvious, both from observation and experimentation, that this is a far, far superior design. It allows the cable to bend, without placing it under too much stress. Good work on that, iSPECLE.


There’s not a whole lot I can say about the functionality of the iSPECLE Nylon Braided Lightning Cable. In case you hadn’t already worked out, it charges your phone and transfers data.

The cable itself is resistant to tangling when stowed away, for instance in a laptop bag. Having said that, to my surprise it bends incredibly easily, and feels much less stiff than other similar cables. Personally, I consider this to be rather important. What I look for in a cable is flexibility, durability and length. This cable from iSPECLE ticks all of those boxes.


So let’s just make this clear. At the time of writing, the iSPECLE cable cost less than the official Apple cable. It looks far superior to most other cables on the market. It’s a good length. It comes with a years quibble-free warranty, and seems incredibly tough and durable.

I don’t like to write glowing reviews. Nearly every product can be improved on, and manufacturers rely on criticism to innovate. However, I’m really struggling to find fault with the iSPECLE Nylon Braided Lightning Cable. At the time of writing, the cable is only available in a single, 1.8m length. Perhaps iSPECLE could look into creating a variety of lengths available, as cables are certainly not one-size-fits-all.

Need a lightning cable? Get this one.

You can find this product on Amazon here.

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