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Today we’re looking at the Mpow Magneto Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. These are a new model, improved by Mpow over their last generation. Whilst Mpow aren’t the largest or most well known brand on Amazon, I do have respect for their products and would consider them to be reputable, so I’m very interested to find out how these headphones stack up against the competition on the market.

It seems as if there’s a new in-ear Bluetooth headphone release twice a week at the moment, perhaps due to the gradual transition away from wired audio devices, as brought about by Apple. Not many, however, share too many similarities with my Mpow Magnetos. Without further ado, let’s move on to checking out the design.


It’s immediately apparent with these headphones that they aren’t the absolute pinnacle of engineering. The finish on mine arrived scratched and damaged, which is a shame as it’d actually be rather attractive if it wasn’t for this. They feature a nice milled design on the back of the earbuds, which reflects light rather pleasantly.

My second concern here would be the size and shape of the headphones. They’re rather large and heavy, and have an odd rounded rectangle shape, which sits as a diamond in the ear. Having said that, they’re comfortable enough being worn and the weight isn’t too much a problem given the effective range of ear supports provided by Mpow.

These headphones feature an inline volume control system, which, although rather bulky, does perform well. The buttons are responsive and it’s extremely easy to control the headphones successfully with one hand.

The cable that connects the headphones together is slightly small, so if you plan on wearing a bulky jacket or coat, you might find that the cable is just shy of long enough for you, especially considering the bulk of the in-line controller.

Having said all that, the design of headphones is far from their most important aspect. Let’s see if Mpow can redeem themselves with the functionality of these headphones.


After a little negativity on the design side of things, I’ll start talking about the Mpow Magnetos functionality with something I love about them. For real, this is cool.

Playback and call handling can be entirely controlled by snapping together and separating the headphones. The Magnetos earn their name from the fact that snapping the headphones together into a necklace pauses playback and taking them apart resumes playback. They go a step further to include separation being used to answer phone calls, and snapping together being used to end them. From my testing, it’s worked rather well, only becoming a pain when you’re handling the headphones. If they come apart and you don’t realize, you can kiss your precious 8 hours of playback battery life goodbye.

As I just mentioned, these have a solid 8 hours of audio playback, and arrive partially charged, which is a nice bonus. The microphone is clear and works well in its placement, but is nothing to really write home about. The clarity of the sound, however, is a different story.

Something is off with the sound delivered by these headphones. Even at the lowest volumes, it sounds like the audio has suffered from clipping, and there’s really no bass to feel. What you’re left with is very flat feeling, empty music. Perhaps this is just because I’m an overly-critical audiophile, and one of the seldom few people who can distinguish between CBR 320kpbs MP3 and FLAC audio, but to me, it’s certainly missing something in comparison to some of the other devices I’ve tested.


All in all, I think I’d struggle to recommend the Mpow Magnetos to anyone looking for serious audio quality, but then again you can’t realistically expect that from this budget.

I certainly wouldn’t say that you should steer clear of these at all costs. They’ve got a nice novelty feature, a decent design and can perform to the requirements of your average listener. If you’re just looking for some wireless headphones to have a little listen to whilst you’re out and about, I see no reason why you couldn’t give the Mpow Magnetos a go.

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