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Today we’re checking out the Mpow Thor. These are wireless bluetooth over-the-ear headphones. I was asked to take a look at the Thor after giving criticism to the Mpow Magneto.

According to Mpow, these are designed for sound quality and comfort above all else. I panned the Magneto for its poor sound, odd design and shabby finish.

The Thor certainly has a lot to work to do to restore my faith in Mpow’s ability to produce quality audio equipment.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The most important design consideration when it comes to audio wearables is comfort. If you can’t wear your headphones for a full charge cycle, then you’ve really got a problem. This is clearly something Mpow have considered when producing the Thor. The headphones are lightweight, yet sturdy. They sit comfortably and securely on my head and the cups hug my ears nicely. They do this without feeling like they’re crushing my skull, which is always important. I’ve worn many, many pairs of headphones that even when adjusted to their optimum still make your head feel as though it’s about to implode. Thankfully, the Mpow Thor isn’t one of these.

The headphones themselves are coated in a nice, grippy matte black plastic finish. This is a nice finish for the ear cups, and feels a little more classy than a cheap plastic leatherette, although I doubt its longevity would be far different.

I am a big fan of what Mpow have done for the control system on the Thor. You’ve got your power button, your USB-charging port and your aux input as standard with any of these style of headphones. The Thor really shines with it’s multifunction control. A little twist of the gear forwards skips to the next track, a twist back takes you to the previous. Twist and hold changes the volume at a nice gradual pace, and pushing the gear pauses or resumes playback. This is a handy little button that is well placed, and unlike any of the control systems I’ve experienced before.

Let’s see how well the Thor can replicate the thunder claps from heavens above.


Mpow promised me that I’d be impressed with the audio from the Thor. After explaining to them the issues I took with the Magneto, I was assured that the Thor would provide me with the audio experience I wanted from a pair of headphones. There’s a reason Mpow is one of the largest manufacturers of small electronics and gadgets sold on Amazon; it’s because they’re right.

The Mpow Thor performs well where a lot of headphones fail. They have a natural advantage due to being an over-the-ear, rather than in-ear design, but nevertheless they do well. When listening to music with emphasised binaural components, they create a large amount of depth and position the sounds well, almost as if the sound comes from outside the ear cup.

The Thor handles low keys (Lokis (get it?)) well, with a pleasant level of bass. Not too overpowering, just sufficient. Sometimes, headphones that perform well in the low range struggle with high, percussion notes. Thankfully that isn’t an affliction the Mpow Thor suffers from. It succeeds in providing an enjoyable listening experience. Sure, you’d get better sound out of something that cost ten times as much. But that also, well, costs ten times as much.

Pairing the Thor couldn’t be easier, it’s just a case of holding the power button until the lights flash blue and red, then selecting it from your phone or music player. From there on, they can be controlled either by the audio device, or the control mounted on the left ear cup.


I know that their brand image is something that the guys and girls over at Mpow care about quite a lot, so when I gave the Magneto my honest opinion, they were quick to try and rectify my opinion of them. It’s safe to say that with the Thor, Mpow have done that. Mpow seems to be a jack of all trades manufacturer, they produce audio equipment, electrical cables and even security lighting. So when I put the Thor on, it really did impress me just how nice it sounded. For the price, I’d buy these over Beats, any day.

You can find this product on Amazon here.

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