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I’ve been getting a lot of feedback regarding my reviews of the SoundPEATS audio devices. In fact, they’re the most popular brand on the site as of the time of writing. That’s why, when SoundPEATS asked me to take a look at their newest offering, the SoundPEATS Q25, I was intrigued to see what has changed from their previous models, how these were improved, and how they compared to other Bluetooth headphones on the market.

The SoundPEATS Q25 Wireless Sports Stereo Earphones are a low budget option, specifically designed for those who engage in sports, fitness and exercise.

Let’s open up the box and see how they perform.

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Before I jump too far into the review, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate how much nicer the packaging is for the SoundPEATS Q25 than it has been for previous headphones in the SoundPEATS range. The box features a really aesthetically pleasing, premium design. Printed on the outside are some of the technical specifications, including the battery life. The box opens and shuts via a system of two pairs of magnets, as is becoming more common with upmarket goods. The thing to note here, is that at less than £30 (at time of writing), the SoundPEATS Q25 is hardly an upmarket audio device.

The Headphones

The headphones themselves look and feel great. They feature a durable rubber wire that connects the two earphones. The very ends of the wiring are formed in a way that enables them to hook over the ear when the earbuds are in place, providing an extra layer of stability and security. The actual design of the headphones is novel, and not one I’ve seen before. The buds come into the ear from an angle, whilst the wiring goes up, around the ear and behind the head. Whilst unusual, this design was in fact exceedingly comfortable. The headphones are exceptionally lightweight and with the variety of earbud sizes I was able to find a near effortless fit.

The right earbud is the primary, containing the charging port, buttons, lights and microphone. It’s a rather standard setup on the button front, one for volume up, one for volume down, and one that pauses and resumes playback, as well as acts as a power and call pickup button.



The buttons make an easy to use control system, with pairing taking only a matter of seconds. Instructions are included on the box if you struggle, but there’s only one button press needed on the Q25 to pair it! Pairing mode is indicated by alternating red and blue lights, at which point they simply need to be selected on the host device.

Tech Specs

On behalf of the Q25, SoundPEATS boast 7 hours talk time or playback and 180 hours standby, with a 10 meter range — all off a 1.5 hour charge via micro-USB. I think there may have been some estimation going into these figures, as in testing the Q25 managed 6 and a half hours of continuous playback, and an impressive 15 meter wireless range.

Fit and security

For sports headphones, security in the ear is paramount. Without the rubber security clip, I’d be surprised if these moved around a noticeable amount whilst exercising once the right size earbuds were on. With the clip? They aren’t going to move in a month of Sundays. Being sweat proof as well, SoundPEATS have done a great job ensuring that these headphones are suited well to their target market; the fitness fan.


However, most importantly of all in a pair of headphones is of course the sound. Everything can fall to pieces if the sound isn’t up par. But it really, really is. When playback started on these, if I hadn’t’ve known, I would have thought I was listening to a pair of expensive, wired, over-the-ear headphones. The sound really is that good. Generally, you take a hit in sound quality when you go wireless, and another hit in quality when you go in-the-ear. Perhaps it’s due to their funky design, I don’t know, but the SoundPEATS Q25 really pack a punch full of high quality audio. On par with, if not superior to, a very decent pair of on-ear headphones such as the Mixcder 872s. Truly, the sound on these, for what they are and their price, is stunning. The highs are perfect, the lows are powerful. I wasn’t able to physically keep them in my ear at their higher volumes due to how loud they were able to go, but I was unable to notice any distortion whilst I was able to maintain listening to them.

It’s not a Gadgio review if I don’t pick holes somewhere. I’ve only got two complains about the Q25s. One of which is that whilst it can play extremely loud, their lowest volume isn’t actually all that low. You’d struggle to hear other people with these on, but that might be due to both their passive and active noise cancellation.

Noise Cancellation

The active noise cancellation on the SoundPEATS Q25 only kicks in whilst on a call. The CvC 6.0 algorithms work their magic to prevent background noise from affecting call quality, on both the sending and receiving data streams. It’s a shame that SoundPEATS were unable to adapt this technology to function all of the time, as true, always-on noise cancellation on these would just blow so many competing models out of the water.


The SoundPEATS Q25 is hands down the best in-ear-canal pair of wireless headphones I’ve used to date. They tick all the boxes. The comfort is spot on, the sound quality is excellent, and they’re ultra affordable.

It’s really unlike me to sing the praises of a product so much, but if you’re in the market for some earphones, you should really consider the Q25s.

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